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STSMs 2016/2017

The action has funded 6 STSMs over the coming months! 

Successful meeting on Project Risk & Asset Management Uncertainty Assessment

October 2016: The Action held a workshop on Project Risk & Asset Management Uncertainty hosted by colleagues at TU Delft

Expert Judgement Workshop, 26th August 2016

An expert judgement workshop is being held at the University of Strathclyde on Friday 26th August!

Work Groups

There are five Work Groups within that Action, each focusing on more detail on a particular area around Experts in Uncertainty, please choose the one of your interest from the menu.

Work Group 1 - Processes and Procedures

Work Group 2 - Dependence Modelling

Work Group 3 - Uncertainty Modelling and Foundation

Work Group 4 - Technical, Scientific and Commercial

Work Group 5 - Early Stage Researcher Training

Special Interest Groups

Aside from each Working Group, Action IS1304 has 2 Special Interest Groups:

1. Expert Judgement and Uncertainty in Insurance


2. Natural Hazards Special Interest Group

  • Key Objectives
 Create a forum for colleagues interested in this topic area to be able to communicate with other COST participants. At a COST meeting in Rome in 2014, participants identified two short-term areas for consideration related to volcanic ash:

  1. Ash dispersion modelling and aviation
  2. Health implications for airborne particles
  • Upcoming Plans

This Special Interest Group hope to hold a workshop in 2015 specifically focused on natural hazards - keep an eye on upcoming events and your e-mail for more information!